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Whatsmydns is the perfect tool to check dns propagation and also to check what is your dns server. This web tool operates out of the domain name and it's been online since 2008.

whats my dns server

When you ask yourself whats my dns or whats my dns server then you can find out by using the whatsmydns web tool and by querying your IP or domain name in the web form provided at this site. The output will clearly show you the name server or dns server (or servers) for your domain name or IP address. Most of the times there will be at least 2 nameservers but the number could go up to 13.

what is my dns server

If you ever wonder what is my dns server then you can find out by performing a nslookup, which is a way to verify the authoritative DNS of a domain and a way to check whether the DNS server or DNS servers assigned to that domain are resolving the DNS queries correctly, that is, revealing the IP address and also various types of records within the domain's DNS zone. When you check dns records or check dns propagation you will get all this information, but mainly you will know if the dns server is not responding or is not available at the moment. Checking dns (nslookup) is also a quick and easy method to know the dns of a domain and, in most cases, when viewing the dns, also find out who is the hosting provider or the hosting service in which it is hosted the domain. Checking propagated dns records is something you can do with the checker form you find at the top of this web page.

check dns propagation

To check DNS propagation you can use the online DNS query tool that you will find at the top of this page and thus you will be able to watch and realize the status of the propagated DNS of your domain. DNS propagation consists of performing the dns query (lookup or nslookup) of your domain and watching from the results of such dns query whether the respective DNS records are showing the changes in the dns zone, either due to the change of dns as such or because some records have been modified within the dns zone of the domain. By checking the domain propagation from the dns propagation check or test when it has been completed, the dns checker propagation tool will reveal that the new dns or new dns records are already active and resolving correctly for the domain name. The global dns checker is bound to the time to live (TTL) settings in the domain's dns zone. The DNS propagation test or check depends mainly on the update speed of each ISP, that is, each Internet access provider, in each country. For a couple of ccTLD, like the .ES, until a few years ago it used to be very slow and therefore dns records took time to update, because the registry operator used to update their DNS zones only twice a day. But nowadays the updates are almost instantaneous and therefore the propagation of dns in Spain for .ES domains is usually very fast, a matter of seconds or minutes at most.

propagated dns

In regards to dns propagation or propagated dns records, it's appropriate to read first all the basic information from the source. All things related to the dns system and Internet are specified in what is called RFC or Request For Comments. They are like a draft and somewhat set the basis for the development of the Internet infrastructure. The RFCs related to DNS, dns propagation and the term propagated dns are as follows.


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similar terms

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